2020 Announcement

At one point in our lives, we all cross a junction on the road of life’s travels that will change you. While each of our journeys are different, though some may be similar, they are Never the same. On this road we may slow down. We will speed up as we get comfortable on this ride, don’t become complacent. We will enjoy the perfectly sunny smooth ride that drives us to keep going, knowing there will be rougher rides with stormy weather we must choose to ride out or just stop, and wait for a better day.

The toughest are the days we don’t get to choose!! However the choices we make on life’s journey will define us.

On this Ride, this part of our journey, at this junction is COVID-19. The choice is different and very difficult, But it is the right choice. The right decision to cancel our 6th Annual Ride for Hope this year.

It is unknown when Illinois will reach Phase 5 status of Governor Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan. The entire state is expected to move into Phase 4 (Revitalization) on Friday June 26. That’s not enough, so fast forward to Phase 5 which would still consciously prohibit a safe Ride and After Party such as the Ride for Hope.

Understandably the #VillageofSchaumburg will not allow the gathering of the amount of people who would attend the Ride for Hope. Social distancing is their main concern. This warrants our appreciation towards the Village of Schaumburg who has graciously allowed the Ride for Hope to call Schaumburg our home. This decision also warrants our respect for their conscious decision.  That being said, We Thank The #SchaumburgBoomersStadiumfor their past support and we look forward to Ride for Hope 2021 being Better Than Ever!! As a by-product of COVID-19 circumstances, it would be impossible to have this event and carry out the Ride For Hope standards of the last 5 years in this pandemic time.

I emphasize that within our mission to not only spread awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, but help improve the quality of life for women who are battling this silent disease, and to provide financial assistance to those who have financial hardships. Ride for Hope is a 501(C) (3) organization. Our goals are many, but ultimately help our survivors lighten the financial load of this unforgiving hideous disease. We have high risk guests who attend,and we won’t put our priceless volunteers at risk with registration, waiver signing, etc.

Our gracious sponsors#LawTigers,#FatRosies,#MillerAleHouse, and #LouMalnati’s because of the pandemic,could not support this year’s event.

We also want to thank the #IllinoisStatePolice, #IllinoisEMSROADDOCS and #ThePunishersChicagoWestfor their unique presence and ongoing commitment to the success of The Ride for Hope.

Our favorite small town of#BurlingtonILwill be on the route for next year. We have great plans of stopping for the Rest Stop in this great little small-town America. We will certainly include them next year.

We Thank our past in-kind donors who we understand are stressed due to COVID-19 pandemic. We will “hit you up”next year!! Please check out our sponsors from last year and continue to support them asyou are able. We aregrateful for their past support.

TO RISE ABOVE IT ALL, we set the bar high for Our goal to still donate $10,000 to our partner NOCC. They have created a Survivor Relief fund to help women battling ovarian cancer & their families as the Covid-19 virus hits them hard. Funds will also support the Faces of Hope Tote program. These Totes are filled with information and items of comfort given to newly diagnosed and recurring oc patients

….. Please donate to help us reach our goal. For those friends who have “Pre-Registered” we hope to put your donation towards our GOAL for the NOCC. If a refund is wanted, please email us.  To those who would like to mail a check for a donation please mail to 511 Argyll Lane Schaumburg Il 60193 made payable to Ride for Hope.

We are dedicated to riding for charity, awareness, and Love for the Open Road. This is an amazing journey. Join us.